3 Easy Tips For Managing Teams Remotely

July 6, 2020

As the global pandemic marches on, many business owners continue to struggle with the challenge of managing teams remotely

Engaging employees in this new way creates numerous obstacles for leaders. Traditionally, managers focused on solving problems and regulating work flows. But how do you solve problems, offer support and manage projects while no one is in the same building?  

According to recent SHRM research, remote work will continue to be the norm for some organizations. With this change comes several trade-offs; managers need to be mindful of employees dealing with children, spouses and other personal issues that may delay responses. This most likely stems from remote workers multi-tasking as they strain to juggle family needs with work during this pandemic. 

As you settle into the new normal, here are some tips to manage remote workers:

  1. Set expectations – Communicate with employees to define suitable expectations:  
  • What are the employees work hours?  
  • How will task updates be communicated to you, to team members?
  • When will they break for lunch?  
  • What childcare needs exist?

Be upfront with your expectations to avoid any surprises. Working through basic expectations makes the remote arrangement more effective in the long run.

  1. Communicate regularly – Is Zoom starting to lose its appeal? Pick up the phone and reach out to your team on a daily basis. A daily check-in can maintain the course you have set for them. Long-term goals might be difficult and overwhelming at this time. So start with short-term goals — what they can accomplish today — to help your employees remain focused. 
  2. Develop a written policy – Every human resource professional loves a good policy and telecommuting is no exception. Work with your HR and management team to craft a policy clearly addressing expectations for the telecommuting arrangement.  This can help your team navigate the new standards.  

Always remember that challenges do not come along to break you, but to reveal you. This is an opportunity to lean into your role as a manager to ensure your team not only functions — but flourishes — during this unique time.

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