Outplacement Services

In Michigan, the best way for employers to minimize unemployment issues and costs can be to provide quality outplacement services to employees. From resume services and interview preparation to networking support — our outplacement specialists will guide your transitioning employees through an aggressive regimen of proven tactics and techniques to help them find their next job. Our experienced outplacement experts can also perform exit interviews and review current policies and procedures to help your business maintain compliance with ever-changing state and federal regulations.

The benefits of offering these services are many, and they far outweigh the potential costs and liabilities faced by Michigan employers who fail to support outgoing employees. Our outplacement services are designed to minimize your company’s risk and provide a seamless transition for potentially disgruntled and often litigious outgoing employees.

3 month outplacement:

• Initial Meeting
• Questionnaire
• Resume Writing Services
• Interview Coaching/Preparation
• Networking Tips
• Book Review – based on assessment
• Ongoing coaching

Fee : $1,500 (3 month outplacement)

Additional assessments as needed – per assessment fee

6 month outplacement:

Additional programs and assessments based on individual needs

Fee: $2,500 (6 month outplacement)