End 2020 On A High Note

August 17, 2020

Here we are halfway through a busted year. Typically, at this time of year I am working with clients on company goals and helping them reconnect with their employees for progress checks.  

This year is different — as goals were thrown by the wayside before the end of the first quarter. As Forrest Gump put it best: “Stuff (sic) happens!” 

Like many of you, I had a great business plan for the year that started strong. However, the only skill I have sharpened these past few months is my engineering skill — reverse engineering that is. But that is ok, we will make it through this year and be amazed at our ability to roll with the punches — and even change direction — and still make progress in the end.

Now is the time to turn around 2020 and end it on a high note. 

Start small … but start.  Many leaders are familiar with the term SMART Goals. Let’s rethink what they mean for this year:

S – Small

M – Move forward

A – Appropriate 

R – Roll with the punches

T – Time bound (3Q, 4Q)

How would you rate your leadership skills over the past few months? Leaders certainly have had a lot thrown at them.  How we lead in times of crisis matters. Your team needs you, your business needs you.  Let’s revisit our goals and make plans to move forward.

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