Moving Forward After Covid

May 17, 2021

Heather Hoezee of mindbank hr is joined by Mary Jo Baweja of Ulliance and RecycleBoxBin owner Sarah Pfeiffle, as they discuss how businesses can cope post-Covid and begin the process of moving forward.

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Mary Jo Baweja

Mary Jo is a Clinical Psychologist with Ulliance. Ulliance is an organization that helps companies achieve overall well-being with their Life Advisor Employee Assistance Program. As some of you might be aware, May is Mental Health Awareness month. Mary Jo has lots of experience with this topic and some great insight to share with us.

Sarah Pfeiffle

RecycleBoxBin, owned by Sarah Pfeiffle, is a local, woman-owned small business, selling recycling bins to businesses and schools with a unique custom labeling system. Sarah is a second-generation owner.